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Dental implants in Christchurch

Dental Implants in Christchurch can eliminate the problems you may experience when chewing and improve your appearance.

A dental implant in Christchurch is an artificial tooth substitute made of titanium, which is placed into the space your previous tooth occupied. A natural tooth-coloured crown is then placed over the dental implant.

The greatest benefit of dental implants in Christchurch is that they make you feel comfortable and secure. You’ll also find improved chewing ability. Implants prevent the jaws from shrinking, which helps you maintain a younger looking face.

The benefits of having Dental Implants Christchurch

  • Dental implants in Christchurch are a permanent replacement for loose and missing teeth
  • Dental implants in Christchurch can be used to secure dentures permanently
  • Dental implants in Christchurch could look and feel like your own natural teeth
  • Dental implants in Christchurch will give you back the confidence to smile
  • With dental implants you can chew better

Fortunately, implants don’t suffer from decay as teeth do. However, it’s really important to keep your gums healthy around the implants to prevent implant infection. A well-controlled bite is also crucial for implant survival. It is for those reasons that implants are provided by dentists with further training.

Your treatment will commence once a restoratively driven and surgically viable treatment plan is designed, presented, and discussed with you and your written consent obtained.

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