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I have a deep-seated, totally irrational fear of the dentist – even the thought of simple check up throws me into a panic and makes me feel very anxious. So you can imagine my horror when I was told that I needed a crown on one of my teeth! It took some courage to turn up for the appointment – but I cannot praise Dr Cheshankova and her staff for the care that I received during my treatment. At every stage, every member of the team went out of her way to make me feel as relaxed and reassured as possible. I was given enough information throughout the procedure to know what was going on – but not so much that I felt squeamish! I can genuinely say that I found the procedure totally painless, and I am really pleased with the results – and I am also proud that I was able to overcome my fears to get the treatment that I needed. I can’t thank the team at Purewell Cross enough – I would happily recommend you to anyone who was seeking a kind, compassionate and professional dental practice. Veronica Woodward/Bournemouth

I have only good things to say about Purewell Cross dental practice. You always receive a warm welcome and also you really are made to feel at ease, in fact it’s a pleasure to visit Eleana and her team. I have recently had my front teeth realigned with the Inman Aligner and it has made a tremendous difference to my smile. It took only a few weeks to accomplish completely straight teeth with no discomfort at all. I would recommend it to everyone. Mrs Jill Pugh/ Tiptoe, Hampshire.

I have recently attended Purewell Cross dental practice and have chosen to have my teeth whitened. It was such a simple process. In just a couple of visits and after two weeks of using the whitener and specially made shields at night I now have the most beautiful shiny white teeth. Mrs Jill Pugh/ Tiptoe, Hampshire.

Elena is by far the best dentist I have seen. Her levels of professionalism, knowledge and technical skill is second to none, and she explains things to you so clearly. When she first examined my teeth, she told me I probably had an issue with grinding during sleep. She explained the reasons for her opinion, the likely long term effects, along with possible courses of action. Foolishly, at the time I decided not to have anything done. A few years later and I started to have issues with my jaw and some ear noise. Consulting Elena, she reiterated that a Michigan splint would help me, and subsequently took great care in measuring me up to have one made.

It has proved to be incredibly successful, and I no longer have any jaw or ear problems. I would recommend a splint to anyone considering it. You get used to wearing it so quickly, and soon, really don’t notice it at all. Elena took great care and trouble in adjusting it slightly as it corrected my bite. I just wish I had taken her advice sooner. All my treatment from her over the years has been to the very highest standard.

When you visit Elena at the Purewell Cross Dental Practice, you will get excellent care and a clear understanding of your options. Then it is up to you. She is a superb dentist, and I wholeheartedly recommend her. Richard Lorrimer Christchurch.

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